FINY Card is a new type of crypto-based card that allows users to access both virtual and physical services worldwide in countries where crypto is legal. With FINY Card, users can enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies without the hassle of converting them to physical currencies.

How FINY Card works:

FINY Card works by linking your crypto wallet to a Visa card that you can use online or in-store. You can choose which cryptocurrency you want to use for each transaction, and FINY Card will automatically convert it to the local currency at the best exchange rate. You can also withdraw cash from ATMs using your FINY Card.

" Virtual cards are more convenient payment method than checks and provide ease-of-use advantages over physical credit card transactions."

FINY Card offers several advantages over traditional credit cards, such as:

1. No annual fees, foreign transaction fees, or hidden charges.
2. Reward discount in crypto on every .
3. Access to exclusive discounts and offers from partner merchants.
4. Enhanced security and privacy with biometric authentication and blockchain technology.
5. Ability to track and manage your spending and rewards on the FINY app.
6. FINY Card is currently in beta testing and will be available soon for users who sign up on the website. Users who join the waitlist will also receive a bonus of 100 FINY tokens, which can be used to redeem rewards and perks on the platform.

FINY Card is a revolutionary way to use crypto in everyday life. It combines the convenience of a Visa card with the flexibility and innovation of cryptocurrencies. If you are looking for a crypto card that works for you, FINY Card might be the one.

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